Our Favorite YouTube Metal Detecting Videos

Here’s a list of our Favorite YouTube Videos by Metal Detectorists with Channels Devoted to Metal Detecting:

Aqua Chigger

“Metal detecting, treasure, history, coins, river treasure, adventure, nature, animals and MOAR! That is what my channel is about. I enjoy caving, SCUBA diving and flying my powered paraglider. I foster sick and injured pets. My channel is family friendly. My videos are meant to be fun, educational and informative.”

Quote from Aqua Chigger You Tube About Page

Diggin Britt

“I make videos. 🙃 metal detecting. relic hunting. urban exploring. farming. art. painting. cooking. baking. IRL Live Streams ❤️”

Quote from Diggin Britt You Tube About Page

Gig Master

“Come join me on a variety of adventures! Gold prospecting, metal detecting, fossil hunting, beach detecting and just about any adventure that is fun and exciting! I can’t sit still!! Life’s short let’s get out and have an adventure today! If you have an adventure you would like for me to go on let me know. If you want to take me on one of your adventures private message me and let’s get together! Thanks for coming along!”

Quote from Gig Master You Tube About Page

She Detector

“I started metal detecting in August 2015 and I’ve not looked back! I’m so excited every time I hear the little “beep”. This channel shows all my excursions. Enjoy! I’d love to hear from you!”

Quote from She Detector You Tube About Page

The Dutch Metal Hunters Metaaldetectie

“The Dutch Metal Hunters adventure Video’s! See also Facebook: The Dutch Metal Hunters

Metaldetector: Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer, Anfibio Multi.

All video’s are made with a GoPro Hero 7 Black”

Quote from Dutch Metal Hunters You Tube About Page

The Hoover Boys

“Saving History through Metal Detecting. We’re a goofy group of guys that enjoy exploring the outdoors, saving history, and having a good time. Join “The Hoover Boys” as we travel the east coast in search for lost treasures from the past. We’re serious about history but we’re not serious about ourselves. We like to have fun and enjoy the friendships we’ve made out detecting.”

Quote from The Hoover Boys You Tube About Page

What’s our Favorite Floating Metal Detecting Sieve? We think you know.