Our Favorite Metal Detecting Forums

Here’s a list of our favorite Metal Detecting Forums. These Forums discuss everything related to the metal detecting world:

American Detectorist

“While our focus is mainly on coin and relic hunting, we also enjoy and participate in shallow water detecting. We have many members who live on the coast or near freshwater lakes and regularly metal detect at such locations, often finding jewelry and old coins.

The information you find here and within our metal detecting forum covers all aspects of our metal detecting hobby, and will appeal to both beginners and advanced detectorists.”

Quote from Home Page of American Detectorist

Thomas Dankowski’s Metal Detecting Discussion Forums

“This is an Open Forum to discuss any metal detecting questions or subjects. Please feel free to discuss any metal detecting subject, in good taste and with due respect to all users. Thomas Dankowski frequents this forum and is happy to share his knowledge and experience about metal detecting to answer questions along with many other metal detecting experts who frequent this forum.”

Quote from Home Page of Dankowski Detectors

Detector Prospector

“Now a little history for those totally new to the forum. I used to hang out on all the other forums. The problem over time is I kept bumping into rules. No mentioning certain brands or dealers for fear of offending sponsoring dealers. That will never happen here as the forum members come first. The one that really irritated me was no links to all sorts of things, like other forums. Here, if the subject matter is relevant, please link to it! No silly “Google it” games etc.

And then there are the trolls. People who just like to stir things up. Childish and rude people. Tons of off topic garbage to wade through to find decent information. Etc. I just got tired of it all because over time it all got worse as forums became more commercial.

I started these forums to escape all that and with the goal of attracting like minded people who are also tired of all the nonsense. So the main thing here is very, very simple. With the possible exception of this forum, keep discussions on the particular forum subject matter. Be a decent person and better yet, try to help others. On topic, be good – it really is that simple here.”

Quote from Steve Herschbach in the Meet and Greet Forum

Find’s Treasure

“One of the world’s most popular websites with a wealth of information on metal detectors, metal detecting, detectorists and treasure hunting.

The site offers free chat rooms as well as classifieds for treasure hunting equipment.

So if you’re relic hunting on land or scuba diving underwater for long lost jewelry or treasure this site has what you need.”

Quote from Home Page of Find’s Treasure

Friendly Metal Detecting

A Nice and Friendly Forum covering all the topics in a vast array of forum threads. They have 4 main sections; Metal Detecting, Everything About Finds, Detectors and Gear, and Other. Check it out!

We wrote the above synopsis 🙂

Treasure Net

Welcome to TreasureNet.com – The largest Treasure Hunting Forum and Community on the Internet! We have discussion forums that cover a wide range of treasure related topics, from the Shipwrecks to Metal DetectingCoinsGold ProspectingTechniquesPreservationMappingGhost TownsStamp CollectingFossils and everything in between. 

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What’s our Favorite Floating Metal Detecting Sieve? We think you know.