Tube Tubb – The World’s Most Useful Floating Metal Detecting Sieve!


Tube Tubb – The World’s Most Useful Floating Metal Detecting Sieve!


Tube Tubb is a floating sieve to be utilized in and around water while metal detecting or doing any activity where you want to screen out a find.

It solves all your water based metal detecting recovery problems!

The Tube Tubb sifter saves you time and money.  The stable, perfectly sized platform is EASY to dump and clean your finds on.

Never loose a find again because you tried to rinse it without a stable platform sieve to catch and hold your metal detecting treasures.

Tube Tubb is SUPER durable, lightweight, and easy to bring along on any metal detecting adventure.

Are you an avid metal detectorist?  Then you have probably bought other sieves.  Or you have rigged together some kind of sifter or sieve on your own, only to have it fall apart on you, or not function well. 

You NEED the Tube Tubb!

Tube Tubb won’t fall apart; It’s Nearly Indestructible.

Tube Tubb won’t get lost at the bottom of a lake; It Floats.

Tube Tubb won’t lose your find, even in rough waters; It’s Very Stable.

Get yours now!  

We Know you will enjoy the Tube Tubb!

We only charge $25 Shipping anywhere in the USA, $50 anywhere in Canada, and $80.00 for any other countries and have no Handling or other fees.  Shipping is rates are per item.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 18 × 6 in